How to read a sports betting line football

How to read a sports betting line football? In order to bet on American football, as well as any other sport, it is necessary to first learn and understand the sports betting lines. In each sport these change, so you must also know how the sport in question is played.

Next, in this article we will teach you how to read the betting lines in American football, so that you can bet safely on what you are going to invest, what you can win, and what result must be obtained so that you have the victory.

It is first necessary to learn the rules of the American football game in order to have the knowledge you need in the case of betting on one of these games. Something important to know is that NFL games almost never end in a draw, as there is usually one team that achieves the advantage over the other.

If instead of being a regular season game, it is a playoff game, there will never be a tie, as a winner needs to be defined to go to the next round of the tournament. The same happens at the SuperBowl, one of the most watched sporting events in the world.

Rotation numbers

We must know the odds, as well as the point margins, the totals, and the bet lines. For example, an important part is the rotation number. This is assigned to each team and is usually two numbers in a row. The visiting team always has the highest number.

The rotation number works to identify the teams in a complete line of sports betting, if you are in a casino, you must say this rotation number to the person who serves you. If team X plays home, and team Y away, team X can have number 30, while team Y will have number 31.

How to read a sports betting line football

Now, to read the sports bet for a football game, you must look at the decimal number that both teams have. The favorite team will always have a negative number, and the underdog will always have a positive number. For example, Favorite team: -5.5, Underdog: +5.5.

In this case, if you bet on the favorite team, they must win by 6 scores or more, while if you bet on the underdog, you will win the bet if that team wins or loses by less than 5 scores. We will show you another example later.


Another example is: Favorite team = -10.5, and Underdog = +10.5. by betting on the favorite team you win the bet if this team wins with 11 scores or more, it is as if its awarded number (-10.5) was the number of scores against it has, and in order to win a game that you are losing by 10.5 scores, you must mark 11 annotations or more.

It is the same when you bet on the favorite team, as it has awarded a +10.5, when you bet on it, it is as if it had 10.5 scores, so you just have to wait until the favorite team does not make more than 10 scores so as not to lose your bet.


There are many great reasons to bet on a football game and learn to read all of its betting lines. Stay on this page and go ahead and bet on your favorite team having already acquired the knowledge of our article.

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