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Make a wish football tackle

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Do you know the history of the American football tackle from “Make a wish”? Surely you have seen that famous and very funny video of a boy being knocked down by a college football player when the little one was running alone towards the goal. Haven’t you seen it yet? Well, it is a “fake”. 

Fake or edited videos are often confused on the internet and people not so aware of what they are watching have passed them off as real videos. It is the case of the video of the tackle in American football of “make a wish”. Keep reading our article to learn more about the subject.

Tackle in American football from “Make a wish”

It was on December 12, 2016, and suddenly on the internet they began to rotate a video that showed something curious. In this, the atmosphere was that of an American football game, where the game was expectant and an apparently ill little boy appeared. 

When the ball was thrown, it was received in the second instance by the boy, so that he made a touchdown without pressure from the rival team. But, when he was about to arrive, he was tackled by a player who did not know what his teammates and rivals were trying to do.

The true story

The truth is that this video is obviously false, as you can see in the images of the official YouTube channel that uploaded it. It was posted by the LifeAccordingtoJimmy channel as audiovisual material, which had leading actors. It was just a comedy video.

In the publication of the official video, credits were added to all the people who worked on this audiovisual material that was only intended to entertain and make a healthy mockery of the organization called “make a wish”, which is responsible for making the dreams of disabled people come true , etc.

The great thing about American football

Although this video is not genuine, actually in American football there have been many acts of nobility with all kinds of people. The earnings from NFL games and championships are innumerable, allowing donations of money to corporations to be generous as well.

It is also one of the most interesting sports when it comes to wanting to take advantage of football matches, since not only can you enjoy its entertaining matches, or incredible tackles like the one you have seen in the fake video, but you can bet on your favorite team.


Do not hesitate with this video, it is false. But you can continue to enjoy its originality and grace, which can generate many fun moments for you. The American football tackle of “Make a wish” will make you have a good time without falling into bad taste due to its curious humor.

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