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States with no NFL Teams

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In the United States there are so many states that without a doubt one or another of these can be left out of the list of states with teams in the American football league. One of the states that do not have NFL teams is Alabama, because although American football is popular there, they do not have a professional team.

Another of the best known states in the country that does not have professional football is New Jersey. In the following article we will show you the states of North America that do not have teams in the NFL during the current season of 2021, and we will know a little about the NFL qualification format.

NFL format

The 2021 season started and there are 32 professional teams participating in this national league. It is necessary to remember that college football teams do not classify as professional teams. Each team will play a total of 16 games during the season to decide the finalists and future champion.

The SuperBowl is an external one-game competition of the NFL season. This presents the candidatures of the teams that want to participate as well as the venues that want to host the largest sporting event in the United States and the world annually.

States that do not have NFL teams

But what you have come for without a doubt is to meet the states that do not have professional teams. And the truth is that they are quite a lot: The states of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Kentucky, or West Virginia, do not have professional teams.

Also the states of South Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, Alaska, Hawaii, and New Mexico, lack professional soccer teams. In total, there are 27 states out of 50 that cannot enjoy the NFL in their territory.

States with the most football teams

In contrast to states that do not have NFL teams, there are several states that have more than one professional team. These can be distributed in different cities, such as in California, where the Rams and the Chargers play in the city of Los Angeles, and in San Francisco the 49ers are located.

The other state with the largest professional teams is New York, where the city of the same name and its metropolitan area dominate the sports centers of almost the entire country with the numerous American football clubs, as well as other sports. In New York are the Giants and the Jets.


The 32 participating teams of the NFL are only in 23 states of the country, that is to say that 100% of teams are concentrated in 46% of the states. It would also be very difficult for both Alaska and Hawaii to participate considering the distance from the rest of the United States.

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