States without an nfl team

In the United States there is a great love for American football. This consists of carrying an ovoid across the field to the opposing end zone in order to score a point. It is so famous that its main event, the SuperBowl, is one of the most watched live events in the world.

However, no matter how popular it is, the truth is that not every state in the country can enjoy watching an American football game in their territory, since there are quite a few of these states where there is no American football team. professional.



To start with showing you the states that do not have football teams, we can first tell you about the NFL. This is the National Football League in the United States of America. And like any sports league or institution, the NFL has its own rules of engagement.

One of these is that the professional football season will include 32 football teams, divided into 2 groups of 16 teams that will play games with the free-for-all system. Now that you know that there are only 32 professional teams, and the United States has 50, you will understand why there are states where there is no professional team.

States without an NFL team

Understanding the situation of the NFL, there are several states in the country where you cannot enjoy your football team, simply because there is no team. And there are really not a few states that do not have a football team. Next we will give you the list of some of them.

The state of Montana, as well as North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, West Virginia, Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming, Kentucky, Iowa, Uta or Kansas, unfortunately, do not have professional teams in their cities or towns. They must all be having a good envy of Texas.

Other states without teams in the NFL

The above are not the only states that do not have professional football teams. Alabama, Oklahoma, Vermont, Delaware, Massachusetts, Alaska, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi, Maine, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, and Hawaii are the remaining states that do not have soccer teams in their territory.

The news is not entirely negative for Americans, who may head to a nearby state where they can enjoy a great NFL game. In addition, all states in the country are qualified to receive the SuperBowl, so they could host the most watched football final in the world.


The NFL has proven to be one of the favorite sports of the North American nation, and despite the fact that it is not found professionally in all states of the country, the emotions transmitted during the games make us forget that we are watching a football game By television. You could even go to a casino to enjoy a good NFL game

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