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Has any NFL team lost every game

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A lot of fans, whether they are die hard fans or just casual fans will say that their favorite NFL teams have never lost a game in all the years they have been together. Some even think that the older the team is the more likely they will never lose. However, that is not always the case.

Sometimes the older a team gets the older it becomes and that can often mean that they are not as resilient as younger teams and can suffer from injuries and age problems. Take a look at some of the examples below.

Some stories from NFL

When the Dallas Cowboys were knocked out of the playoffs in the 2021 season it was really shocking to many people. Many experts expected the Cowboys to bounce right back and win the next six games, but that did not happen. Any team can loose though.

There was also the infamous ” Mirage” game in the Super Bowl between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. The Atlanta Falcons had all the right ideas going into this game, to beat the hated Patriots. The weather conditions were perfect for an exciting game.

Has any team lost everything?

The answer is yes, and not just one, there have been several teams in history that have lost absolutely all their games during a single season, but we will talk about two mainly, since they have lost everything with the new format of some years ago.

The first team to lose every game in the new format was the Detroit Lions in the 2008 season, where it played 16 games and lost 16 games, achieving a historic negative 0-16 record during an extended NFL season. Bad luck for them.

Another team recently lost

The second team that has lost all its games since the National Football League has a schedule of 16 games per team even if the total number of teams in the league is 32 (divided into two groups and play all against all), it’s the Cleveland Browns.

This happened in the 2017 season, just a few years ago, where he accumulated a total of 16 losses in 16 games, the same as the Detroit Lions. Other teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Detroit Lions itself had already lost all their games, in 1976 and 1942 respectively.


In the end, if it has been possible that there were teams that lost all their games of the season, a negative achievement that no professional institution would like to have, as well as no player would want to experience it at some point in their career. 

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