How long do professional football games last

To know how long professional football games last, it is necessary to look at the games one by one or reach a balance between a group of games already played, since the duration is not the same in the NFL or Canadian league games.

This is because the game time can be stopped during each play, although there is a certain fixed time that the game will last, each time there is a finished or paused play due to tactic or foul, the time will freeze until the ball enters the game. new in action. 


How long are professional football games?

Whenever you see an NFL game on TV, you realize that it can take a lot longer sometimes than others. However, it is not a sport comparable to tennis or volleyball, since these do not have a specific real time and victory is by points or sets won.

A professional football game consists of 4 times of 15 minutes each, which means that the total time played is 60 real minutes, however, the game can be paused for much longer than it is active and this will cause a full duration extension.

What makes it last so long

The rules of American football tell us that there are 2 time-outs between the first 2 halves and the last two. Although this does not count as part of the duration of a real match, as in soccer, where it is clear that a match lasts 90 minutes without counting the 15-minute rest.

In addition, they give each team the possibility of taking 3 timeouts in the middle of the game, which are the tactical pauses during the game. Also, when an offensive play is to be prepared, once the previous play has finished, the time will be paused until this new play begins.

The match that lasted the longest

Taking into account the above, we already know how long professional football games last in their regulation time, however, counting all the time that includes breaks during games, these can be extended up to 3 hours even more.

However, there is a game that lasted more than 60 minutes and is listed as the longest in history. With the possibility of overtime, in the game between the Dolphins and the AFC Chiefs in 1971, he had an active time of 82 minutes and 40 seconds, something almost impossible to achieve in the NFL today.


The length of a professional football game is varied. The 60 minutes will always be extended to longer on the court, since there will always be countless pauses in future games, and there will always be a time-out which we never know how long it will take.

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