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  • Services: Sports betting, casino, and poker
  • Pros: Fast payouts and generous bonuses
  • Cons: Limited banking methods
  • US Legal: Not available in all jurisdictions

A veteran when it comes to online betting, BetUS is one of the OGs in the industry. They have been on the world wide web (yeah, they’re THAT old) since 1994. Back before, the internet was cool. From being around since the wild west times of online gaming, their longevity alone should tell you that this site is legit. But now, in 2021, are they yesterday’s news or still holding up as industry leaders?

How does BetUS work?

Quite literally, BetUS first impression is Warren Sapp, 7-Time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champ, Hall of Famer, and face of BetUS Sportsbook spokesperson, as his face would probably be the first thing you’ll see when you log in. So if you are Rich Gannon, this might not be the sportsbook for you.

Moving aside from celebrity endorsement, the page is one of the best designs on current sportsbooks. It’s slick, good looking; the color scheme is easy on the eyes, and everything you can find easily.

The page is more graphic-based than text-based, which makes it even easier to navigate, all they offer is right there on the homepage for you to see, and by exploring the page, you will get a clear sense of how it works.

All you need to do is join with a working email address, and it’s free to join! Once you are ready, you can try funding your account through their cashier window.

Sports you can bet on

They offer lines on all major American sports, catering to American customers playing from legal states. Their lines are pretty competitive, but usually, those cappers who love to do line shopping will probably almost always find a shop with slightly better odds, but the difference isn’t massive to be a real issue. Placing your bets is also pretty simple and painless. Easy and experienced bettors will appreciate it.

Banking Options At BetUS

BetUS Sportsbook doesn’t make it a secret as they push for BitCoin players, as they roll out the red carpet for them and point it to be the best alternative for depositing, and their main deposit options are all cryptocurrency-based. The other options are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Their credit card processor works perfectly, but the problem is that the variety to get money in is rather slim.

Payouts appear to have a little more variety as they send out checks and bank wires as withdrawal methods. However, I must stress and advise all players to ALWAYS talk to the customer support line and get all the details and requirements of payouts before making a request.</p

What are the Deposit methods?

As of the time of writing, the deposit bonuses for BetUS are Credit Card, Cash Transfer, CryptoCurrency, and Bank Wire. Currently, BetUS accepts all major credit cards, via web or by phone deposit with their staff.

For Cash transfer, you must reach out to their customer service line for further instructions. Finally, as for Cryptocurrency, BetUS accepts: Bitcoin – Bitcoin Cash – Litecoin – Ethereum.

What are the Payout methods?

BetUS offers fast payouts that go through their payout protocol as soon you request it online or via the phone. They offer payouts in cryptocurrency without any additional fees, and it is generally the quickest method available. They also provide cash payouts (check with customer service for availability), also they include electronic payouts with online payment methods.

When you wish to make your withdrawal, we recommend that you reach their customer support staff so they can provide a more in-depth explanation of their methods to find the one that fits you better.

How long does BetUS take to payout?

Every single payout request made to BetUS goes through verification and anti-fraud security protocol to ensure that the money is going to its rightful owner. This process is generally pretty speedy as it takes, on average, just a couple of hours.

Cryptocurrency bettors will get the money the fastest as the delay is just a couple of hours. Other payment options like cash payouts might be attached to a waiting period of a couple of business days, depending on the amount and method agreed with customer support.

Bonus available at

BetUS Sportsbooks has three major bonus offers. Like all sportsbooks, they have a Sing-Up bonus aimed to lure new players in. They have a 125% Bonus (consisting of a 100% Sportsbook bonus plus a 25% in their Online casino. A good entry point to get you started and a great lead-in point for brand new bettors.

They also offer a 150% Crypto Bonus; this offer applies to cryptocurrency deposit methods (more on that later), diving them in 100% for sportsbooks and 50% for their online casino.

Finally, their third significant bonus offer is a 150% bonus on casino deposits up to $3000. That’s a pretty big offer that does try to get more players in.

As you will see on their promotions page, these are just their MAIN bonus offers that they are currently running many offers and special promotions. This signifies that they make an effort to pamper their players.

Betting options at BetUS

As mentioned above, BetUS offers a pretty wide range of sporting events to choose from on their odds board. All the major American sports are covered, and a pretty solid selection of betting options for sporting events in the rest of the world.

They also feature lines on eSports, politics, and entertainment. You can do live betting on all active games for those wanting to spice up the action, and their odds board features all the basic bet types.

Like most other sportsbooks, they also feature a Racebook where you can wager on horse racing across the world. Their Racebook has an excellent easy to understand design.

Their Racebook has an excellent easy to understand design. BetUS Racebook has all of the horse betting action you could want. You can log in year-round to bet on the most significant events in the world! With betting action from over 100 tracks worldwide, including Australian, Dubai, English, and Hong Kong horse racing. They offer Fixed odds racing, featured races, and harness racing, all from the top tracks in the world.

Online casino at BetUS

Hands down, BetUS sportsbook, has the best online casino (offered by a sportsbook, mind you) that I’ve ever seen. It’s organized, robust, and complete. It has stuff for players who want to play for fun, to High Roller games for those gutsy mythical creatures who like to burn money away on an Online Casino… but I digress.

The design, much like the rest of the page, is top-notch. Their layout is easy to understand. Their variety of games, pretty wide. It’s no joke that they don’t just offer an online casino, and they offer a pretty damn good one.

Not to go over the same thing twice, but they do offer an incredible amount of games, to the point that if you are scrolling, you get to a point to ask yourself, “How many DO they have?” before you reach the bottom of your screen.

BetUS Sportbook contests

Is BetUS a good sportsbook? If you just take a look at their contest tab, you will find many different active contests available for their members. They always make an effort to keep the players happy and entertained. And having fun contests year-round shows that BetUS sportsbook takes the customer experience very dear to their heart.

Player Security and Customer Support

BetUS has lasted a long time in this industry because they strive to make their site as welcoming to players as possible. They try to achieve that by offering a pretty solid, efficient, and reliable customer support system. It’s rather old-fashioned but in the good sense of the word. Their contact us line has phone numbers for each department you might need, from crypto specialists, to account managers. Their staff is compromised by betting industry pros with near-perfect English skills, as they are based in Curacao and Costa Rica. Two countries where the betting industry has found a home, so you can be sure that the people that work there know what they are doing.

Overall, they have on staff experienced professionals who have had their time under the sun to be sure that you are in good hands.

Final Thoughts

BetUS are industry leaders, and that’s an undeniable fact. Their longevity is impressive in this industry, and their appeal to mainstream celebrities and excellent design do put this sportsbook on an upper echelon. They do have room for improvements, and what’s best is that they are the type of company to admit that from the jump and always look for new ways to adapt and make their site more accommodating to new players. Worth checking out.

BONUS 125% Up to $2,500

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